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Each month, supporters of my Patreon receive a new volume of can•trip, the Crashing Beasts & Crumbling Halls zine. This bundle lets you catch up on the first year of the zine with over 60 pages of dungeon fantasy support.

  • A complete party of five pregenerated adventurers to get your table started quickly. (Available as a free demo below!)
  • A system for generating a random dungeon for those evening when you just haven't had time to prep a scenario.
  • Discussion of how to stat up a dungeon when you do have the time.
  • Rules for letting players gain and develop strongholds and other bases.
  • Thoughts on traps that expand on the rules for hazards in the core rule book.
  • Tips on using weight in your conflicts to track tactical advantage.
  • Over a dozen foes with stat blocks and advice for using them in your scenarios.
  • Over 60 new stunts!
  • Over a dozen new magic items!
  • Two dozen new spells!
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorPaul Stefko


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

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cantrip3.pdf 570 kB
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cantrip6.pdf 302 kB
cantrip7.pdf 936 kB
cantrip8.pdf 255 kB
cantrip9.pdf 65 kB
cantrip10.pdf 163 kB
cantrip11.pdf 46 kB
cantrip12.pdf 39 kB

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